our mission

To create a playful, happy and waste-free world for the next generation, whilst seeding eco-conscious behaviours among both parents & children.

Happy play. Happy planet.

What we do

We’re a British/Hungarian company who make safe, eco-ethical toys and accessories for kids out of certified, recycled materials. Materials like plastic bottles which may have otherwise ended up floating in the ocean.


Our products are co-designed with our children (Mila & Lola), providing a touch of childlike imagination to everything we do.


Sustainability is at the heart of our philosophy.  Each and every Seahorsey product is not only intended to bring joy to our little ones, but to also help clean up our world.


This photo of a cheeky little seahorse carrying a cottonbud sowed the seed that would grow into the best rubbish idea we every had.  

When our 3 year old little troublemaker saw it, she pointed to it and shouted suspiciously, “What’s the seahorsey carrying and why?”.  With heavy hearts we explained to her the sad truth about the seahorsey and its plastic polluted home (c. 8 million tons of plastic floating in the ocean).  

She told us that that made her sad, and you know what?  She’s not the only one.

As you read this there is currently more microplastic in the oceans than there are stars in the Milky Way!  If you find this deeply concerning, just like us, you are probably also frustrated by the sheer volume of plastic toys in our children’s rooms. Well we’ve decided to do something about it.

And so Seahorsey was born.

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